QRinfo What is QR Info?
It is a free QR code creation for everyone to use it to exchange person information or contact without speaking or talking (By using the Social QR with WhatsApp/Telegram Link).

Why use QR Info?
  • To prevent information leak to people who may mis-use your information to steal things or intrude your privacy.
  • Faster Way to Exchange Data privately

  • Example of Fear/Loss due to data leaks
  • Mobile No. Unknown people may SMS or whatsapp you and they are not known to you
  • NRIC/Identity Card No. Unknown people claiming your gifts or given accessories from the government(eg; Face Mask, Covid-19 Test Kit) which you could not claim due to the gift/accessories have been claimed
  • Name. Unknown people may find you in facebook or instagram to track or follow you
  • Home Address. Unknown people may track/stalk you or wait for you near your home
  • Company Name. Unknown people may come to your work place and disturb you
  • Privacy Leak During Conversation

    Situation or Places which data leaks
    Covid-19 ART Kit Collection at Vending Machine
    Using QR Code to Collect ART Kit
  • Type in NRIC which others may see during queueing. Risk of losing IC card along the way

  • Clubs/Disco/Pubs/Cafes/Party
    Befriending by asking for phone numbers
  • Name, mobile number which others may heard during communication

  • Hotel/Resort
    Receptionist asking for information
  • Checking in the hotel. Name, mobile number which others may heard during queueing

  • Security Guardhouse
    Security asking for information
  • Entering a Condominium/Gated Place/Office. Name, mobile number which others may heard during queueing

  • Dental/Clinics
    clinics asking for information
  • Registration at counter. Name, ID, phone number or home address are exposed when questioning

  • Bank/Post Office/Town Council/Municipal Office
    counter asking for information
  • Payment/Banking at counters. Name, ID, phone number or home address are exposed when questioning

  • Police/Reporter reporting
    police asking for information
  • Police or Reporter asking for Name, ID and phone number are exposed when questioning

  • QRinfo Advantages
  • Prevents privacy leak as no talking take place
  • Speed up registration/communication process with less data entry errors
  • Easy integration for online forms via query

  • How QRinfo Works?
    QR Code Scanner
  • Whenever the user approach to any counter for registration or administration purpose, the counter staff will usually ask for information by scanning QR code
  • Instead of the user/customer telling the counter staff on the information, user/customer will bring out the phone and touch on the values to display the QR code
  • Flash the QR code against the Camera/QR code scanner at the counter to let the counter staff capture the information without speaking

  • QRinfo Screenshots
    QR Code when touching the values
    QRinfo QRcode Screenshot
    Editing the value of QR code
    QRinfo QRcode Value Editing

    Install QRinfo to protect everyone's privacy
  • For Android OS
  • Web Version(For IOS/Windows)

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